Semester 2 Topic 8 Level H

Task Name : 4 cubed house Task Level : H (Year 7)
Semester : 2 Topic : Shapes VC Strand : Shape
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Equipment Needed : Isometric and square dot paper; connecting plastic cubes for modelling.
Victorian Curriculum outcome : Draw different views of prisms and solids formed from combinations of prisms
Task description : Identify all the houses that can made from four cubes. Draw on isometric paper, and show front, side and top views. Calculate cost of each house and design brochures.
Assessment options : Photographs of drawings; handwritten or digital versions of brochures.
Teacher notes :ย Lesson plans Lesson 1 Learning Intentions Lesson 2 Learning Intentions Lesson 3 Learning Intentions Lesson 4 Learning Intentions 4 Cube Houses 2D drawings Finding the Price of the cube houses 4 Cube Houses Photos Assessment Rubric – 4 cube houses isometric-dot-paper squaredots