Wednesday and Thursday, Week 2

Hi everyone,

Since I’ll be away for a couple of days, I wanted to leave you with some extension work just in case you finish your comparison of decimals. Don’t want you to get bored!

For this, you’ll need your list of decimals and some of those decimal square sheets I’ve photocopied.

When representing decimals, we can say 0.17 is 1 tenth and 7 hundredths, but we can also say that 0.17 is 17 hundredths. See my examples below (click on them to make them bigger).

What you need to do is create posters that show how your two and three decimal place numbers can be shown in more than one way. Working with thousandths is hard and requires accurate cutting!

This work isn’t required, but if you do finish it it would be nice if you could take a photo (as I have done) and put it up on your blog.

Have fun,