Semester 2 Topic 7 Level K

Task Name : Golf Course Angles Task Level : K (Year 10)
Semester : 2 Topic : Angles VC Strand : Geometric Reasoning
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Equipment Needed : Stiff card (a roll of corrugated cardboard is usually purchased), rulers, protractors.
Victorian Curriculum outcome : Formulate proofs involving congruent triangles and angle properties; Apply logical reasoning, including the use of congruence and similarity, to proofs and numerical exercises involving plane shapes
Task description : Part 1 – Create four quadrilateral holes (kite, rhombus, parallelogram and trapezium). Prove congruence of triangles or otherwise in each shape. Prove the minimum number of angles and side lengths that need to be determined. Part 2 – Enlarge one quadrilateral by a scale factor of 1.5. Enlarge a different quadrilateral so that the hypotenuse of the two triangles is 19cm long.
Assessment options : Photographs of Golf Course Holes
Teacher notes : Students tend to make the holes too small to measure accurately: a hole should be around half the size of an A4 sheet of paper. Encourage students to use colour or even little props to make their holes a bit more interesting and creative.