Semester 2 Topic 7 Level H

Task Name : Golf Course Angles Task Level : H (Year 7)
Semester : 2 Topic : Angles VC Strand : Geometric Reasoning
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Equipment Needed : Stiff card (a roll of corrugated cardboard is usually purchased), rulers, protractors.
Victorian Curriculum outcome : Identify corresponding, alternate and co-interior angles when two straight lines are crossed by a transversal; Investigate conditions for two lines to be parallel and solve simple numerical problems using reasoning; Classify triangles according to their side and angle properties and describe quadrilaterals; Demonstrate that the angle sum of a triangle is 180ยฐand use this to find the angle sum of a quadrilateral.
Task description : Part 1: Create rhombus, kite, parallelogram and trapezium shaped holes. Divide each hole into two triangles. Measure the angles of each triangle and add them up. Measure each angle of the quadrilateral and add them up.Part 2: Use the holes created in part 1 and make a bridge from two parallel lines. The bridge crosses a straight stream (transversal line). In one shape, show the complementary angles; in one show the corresponding angles; and in a third show the supplementary angles.
Assessment options : Photographs of Golf Course Holes
Teacher notes : Students tend to make the holes too small to measure accurately: a hole should be around half the size of an A4 sheet of paper. Encourage students to use colour or even little props to make their holes a bit more interesting and creative.