Semester 2 Topic 7 Level G

Task Name : Golf Course Angles Task Level : G (Grade 6)
Semester : 2 Topic : Angles VC Strand : Geometric Reasoning
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Equipment Needed : Stiff card (a roll of corrugated cardboard is usually purchased), rulers, protractors.
Victorian Curriculum outcome : Investigate, with and without digital technologies, angles on a straight line, angles at a point and vertically opposite angles. Use results to find unknown angles.
Task description : Same as level F. Extend the lines from each edge so you have four angles around each of the vertices. Calculate each angle using knowledge of vertically opposite angles, angles on a straight line and angles at a point.
Assessment options : Photographs of Golf Course Holes
Teacher notes : Students tend to make the holes too small to measure accurately: a hole should be around half the size of an A4 sheet of paper. Encourage students to use colour or even little props to make their holes a bit more interesting and creative.