Semester 1 Topic 8 Level H

Task Name : First Down the Mountain Task Level : H (Year 7)
Semester : 1 Topic : Chance VC Strand : Chance
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Equipment Needed : Gameboards for introductory activities; coloured card for when students create their own game; two six-sided dice
Victorian Curriculum outcome : Construct sample spaces for single-step experiments with equally likely outcomes. Assign probabilities to the outcomes of events and determine probabilities for events.
Task description : Students investigate two games, first down the mountain and win at the fair, through playing the games and answering associated questions. They are introduced to a two-way table to help explain their observations in the games and answer the questions. Using their knowledge of two-way tables for two six-sided dice, they create their own game which uses the probabilities of combinations of two six-sided dice to approximate the probabilities of events in real life. For example, a wicket does not happen very often in cricket, so that might be allocated a total of 2 (a 1 in 36 chance) whereas a dot ball happens very frequently, so that might be associated with sum totals of 6, 7 and 8 (a total of 16 out of 36 chance).
Assessment options : Photograph of game with two way tables explaining the probability of each event.
Teacher notes : Most students struggle to come up with an idea for their own game. Ideas involve sport (cricket is an excellent one, but AFL and netball work well too), shopping (a good one for non-sporty students: chances of discounts, sales, etc) and my personal favourite – a “Surviving School” game.

Maths 300:

First Down the Mountain

Win at the Fair

Downloads : 

first down the mountain

win at the fair blank

Win at the Fair Playing board

win at the fair


Intro presentation: Design a game of chance

Design a game of chance rubric