Semester 1 Topic 8 Level E

Task Name : Spinner Game Task Level : E (Grade 4)
Semester : 1 Topic : Chance VC Strand : Chance
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Equipment Needed : Cardboard and thumbtacks for making the spinner
Victorian Curriculum outcome : Describe possible everyday events and order their chances of occurring. Identify everyday events where one cannot happen if the other happens. Identify events where the chance of one will not be affected by the occurrence of the other.
Task description : Students are required to construct a spinner game with a spinner divided into eighths. The number of eighths for each particular event should correspond to the likelihood of a real life event, for example, landing on “Thunderstorm” should be less likely than landing on “Sunny Day” because it is more likely to be a sunny day than a day with thunderstorms.
Assessment options : Photograph of spinner
Teacher notes :
Downloads : spinner template