Semester 2 Topic 5 Level I

Task Name : Straw Triangles Task Level : I (Year 8)
Semester : 2 Topic : Transformations VC Strand : Geometric Reasoning
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Equipment Needed : Straws of various colours, cardboard, scissors, glue, protractors, rulers, and two worksheets that run through the various conditions required for congruent triangles. All these materials should be available in a container specifically for this task.
Victorian Curriculum outcome : Develop the conditions for congruence of triangles.
Task description : Students run through an investigation that demonstrates using physical manipulatives the conditions needed for triangles to be congruent.
Assessment options : Photographs of the straw triangles constructed for each set of conditions. Handwritten or typed responses to the questions.
Teacher notes : The best preparation for this task is to run through the sheet yourself beforehand.
Downloads : congruent triangle