Semester 2 Topic 4 Level I

Task Name : Hidden Plumbing Task Level : I (Year 8)
Semester : 2 Topic : Lines and Coordinates VC Strand : Linear and non-linear relationships
Web Address :
Equipment Needed : Access to a PC/Android device to access number plumber
Victorian Curriculum outcome : Solve linear equations using algebraic and graphical techniques. Verify solutions by substitution
Task description : Students load eight examples of โ€œhidden plumbingโ€ โ€“ Number Plumbing linear relationships where the number that the input is multiplied by and the number that is added or subtracted afterwards are hidden. Students put in some input numbers and draw a table and graph the results. They then find the gradient using rise/run and the y-intercept and use it to derive the linear equation.
Assessment options : Photographs of graph, rule, and table.

Teacher notes :

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