Semester 2 Topic 3 Level K

Task Name : Truck plumber Task Level : K (Year 10)
Semester : 2 Topic : Lines and Coordinates VC Strand : Linear and non-linear relationships
Web Address :
Equipment Needed : Access to a device with Flash to access number plumber (PC/some Android)
Victorian Curriculum outcome : Solve linear simultaneous equations, using algebraic and graphical techniques including using digital technology (ACMNA237)
Task description : Use number plumber and algebra to find the cheapest rental truck.
Assessment options : Screenshots with written or audio explanation, screencast video.
Teacher notes : Familiarity with the Number Plumber environment is important to make this and other related tasks work. Take some time to learn how to use it yourself and spend some time showing students how to use it. It is like an advanced version of the “algebra machine” ideas with an input and output.