Semester 2 Topic 3 Level H

Task Name : Cafรฉ Tables Task Level : H (Year 7)
Semester : 2 Topic : Lines and Coordinates VC Strand : Linear and non-linear relationships
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Equipment Needed : Graph paper
Victorian Curriculum outcome : Given coordinates, plot points on the Cartesian plane, and find coordinates for a given point. Solve simple linear equations.
Task description : Students investigate the relationship between the number of chairs and the number of square tables in a cafรฉ. Students draw a table, graph and find the rule for this relationship. They then use this to determine the number of tables and chairs needed in various situations. They repeat this for triangular and rectangular tables, with a table, graph and rule needed for each.
Assessment options : Photograph of graph, rule, and table.

Teacher notes : Students can be extended through allowing them to change the table shapes or arrangements.

Extension tasks:ย Exploring the Cartesian Plane (Desmos)
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