Semester 2 Topic 2 Level J

Task Name : Factorising Alegbra Game Task Level : J (Year 9)
Semester : 1 Topic : Introducing Algebra Curriculum Strand : Patterns and Algebra
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Equipment Needed :Factorising Algebra Game board; algebra dice; counters.
Curriculum outcome : Factorise algebraic expressions by taking out a common algebraic factor (VCMNA329)
Task description : The object of the game is to make a line of six counters, vertically, horizontally or diagonally. Players take turn in rolling the two dice, and use the number as a coefficient and the algebra dice as the pronumeral. e.g if you roll a2 and a 4, you have made 4a2.
If what you have rolled is a factor of an expression on the board (but not if it is identical to the expression on the board), you may place a counter down. If not, the turn is missed. Each player takes turns until a player makes a line of six.
Assessment options : Photographs of game.
Teacher notes :

Resources: Factorising Algebra Game board