Semester 2 Topic 1 Level I

Task Name : Covers Algebra Task Level : I (Year 9)
Semester : 1 Topic : Introducing Algebra VC Strand : Patterns and Algebra
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Equipment Needed : Covers Algebra game (board and pieces); stiff card for students to create their own game
Victorian Curriculum outcome : Simplify algebraic expressions involving the four operations
Task description : Students first play the Covers Algebra game, which relies on students being able to simplify algebraic expressions. Students match tiles with corresponding squares on the gameboard, where the two expressions are equivalent (one is a simplification of the other). Students then create their own version of Covers Algebra, involving the four operations.
Assessment options : Photographs of game.
Teacher notes : Ensure students show clearly which expressions match up with which. Ask students to show you their matching expressions before they create the game. Students can then play each othersโ€™ games to practice simplifying expressions.
Downloads : covers algebra level I