Semester 1 Topic 6 Level J

Task Name : Simple Interest Game Task Level : J (Year 9)
Semester : 1 Topic : Operations with Fractions VC Strand : Patterns and Algebra
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Equipment Needed : Two handfuls of different coloured counters (one colour for each player), one decimal-fraction-percentage dice and three six-sided dice of different colours.
Victorian Curriculum outcome : Substitute values into formulas to determine an unknown
Task description : Students assign the three different coloured dice a role: interest (in thousands of dollars), principal (tens of thousands of dollars), and time (years).The object of the game is to make a line of six counters, vertically, horizontally or diagonally. Players take turn in rolling three of the dice and use the numbers they roll to calculate the missing number (either rate, principal, interest or time). If the answer corresponds to a square on the board, they may place a counter down. If not, the turn is missed. Each player takes turns until a player makes a line of six. For each counter placed, students should record what they rolled, the formula they used and the answer they calculated. A minimum of 10 calculations needs to be recorded to complete the task.
Assessment options : Any drawn or digital representation of the ten calculations.
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