Semester 1 Topic 6 Level G

Task Name : Adding and Subtracting Fractions Task Level : G (Grade 6)
Semester : 1 Topic : Operations with Fractions VC Strand : Fractions and Decimals
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Equipment Needed : Fraction bar cards and Fraction Bar Racing and Rope Tug Game boards if playing the physical version of the game.
Victorian Curriculum outcome : Solve problems involving addition and subtraction of fractions with the same or related denominators
Task description : .The task has two parts, which centre around two separate games : Fraction Bar Racing and Rope Tug. First students play the โ€œtwo barโ€ version of Fraction Bar Racing. For each move they make, show the addition sum using fraction bars and written according to conventions. They then play โ€œRope Tugโ€, which involves calculating differences. They play on level 3, which involves finding the differences between two fractions of related denominators. For each move, they show the subtraction using fraction bars as well as writing the subtraction according to conventions.
Assessment options : Drawings, screenshots, screencasts, photographs of physical models.
Teacher notes : The PC version of the game can be tricky to run โ€“ try it out before getting the kids to use it. Mathletics are working on a tablet-friendly version of this game for us. The cards offer more choice at this stage โ€“ you can reduce the number of different fractions available for those who are struggling.

Downloads : Game boards โ€“ย  rope tug and Fraction Bar Racing

twelfths thirds sixths quarters halves