Semester 1 Topic 5 Level G

Task Name : Comparing Fractions Game Task Level : G (Grade 6)
Semester : 1 Topic : Comparing Fractions VC Strand : Fractions and Decimals
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Equipment Needed : Fraction bar cards and game board for “Comparing Fractions” game
Victorian Curriculum outcome : Compare fractions with related denominators and locate and represent them on a number line
Task description : . Students play the comparing fractions game, using all the fraction cards – halves, thirds, quarters, sixths and twelfths. Each student has five cards, and the game board consists of a number line from 1/12 to 12/12. Students take turns at placing their cards down on the number line, trying to occupy the highest positions possible. Once a position has been taken by a player, it is out of the game – for example, if student 1 plays 10/12, student 2 cannot play 5/6, so some knowledge of equivalent fractions is useful in determining strategy. Once the students have played all the cards they are able to, points are awarded based on how high the cards are: the student who played the highest card gets ten points, the second highest card gets nine, and so on. Students show the cards they play on a number line, and show using fraction bars and inequations why each card was higher or lower than the last. For example, 3/4 > 2/3 . Students should have a minimum of ten comparisons made in this way (students will need to play two or three games to achieve this).
Assessment options : Drawings, photographs of physical models.
Teacher notes : The rules of the game can be difficult to explain – make sure you demonstrate with your students before getting them to play. The video can aid this.

Downloads : Comparing fractions

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