Semester 1 Topic 5 Level E

Task Name : Concentration Game Task Level : E (Grade 4)
Semester : 1 Topic : Comparing Fractions VC Strand : Fractions and Decimals
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Equipment Needed : Access to PC if playing computerised version; fraction bar cards if playing physical version.
Victorian Curriculum outcome : Investigate equivalent fractions used in contexts
Task description : . Students play the concentration game, either on a computer or using physical cards. The aim of the game is to identify equivalent fractions. For each equivalent fraction identified, students should either draw or photograph the fraction bar, and write as an equation the equivalence of the fractions turned over, eg : 1/2 = 3/6
Assessment options : Drawings, screenshots, screencasts, photographs of physical models.
Teacher notes : The PC version of the game can be tricky to run โ€“ try it out before getting the kids to use it. Mathletics are working on a tablet-friendly version of this game for us. The cards offer more choice at this stage โ€“ you can use them face up to take the memory part of the game out of the equation; and you can reduce the number of different fractions available for those who are struggling.
Downloads : Fraction Bar Templates: halves quarters sixths thirds twelfths