Semester 1 Topic 2 Level F

Task Name : Factors and Multiples Game Task Level : F (Grade 5)
Semester : 1 Topic : Factors and Multiples VC Strand : Number and Place Value
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Equipment Needed : Laminated game sheets; textas or cheap whiteboard markers
Victorian Curriculum outcome : Identify and describe factors and multiples of whole numbers and use them to solve problems
Task description : Students play in pairs. The first player crosses off a number below 50 (ask students why later on). The second player may only cross off a number if it is a factor or multiple of the previous move. Once a number has been crossed off, it is out of play. Play continues until one player is unable to make a move โ€“ the other player is the winner. To complete the task, each player must record their moves, explaining why they were able to make that move, eg : โ€œI crossed off 49 because 49 is a multiple of 7 because 7ร—7=49โ€.
Assessment options : Screencast; poster with explanation
Teacher notes : This game lends itself to some interesting conversations about strategy. Why is there a rule that the first player must choose a number less than 50? What are good numbers to cross off? What are bad numbers to cross off? What is the longest continuous game you can make? This task is from the nrich website, where a digital version can be found.
Downloads : 1-100_NumberGrid