Semester 1 Topic 1 Level K

Task Name : Index Laws Card Game Task Level : J (Year 9)
Semester : 1 Topic :Multiples and Indices VC Strand : Patterns & Algebra
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Equipment Needed : Stiff cardboard to make the cards; scissors
Victorian Curriculum outcome :ย Simplify algebraic products and quotients using index laws
Task description : Students use the index laws to make a concentration style card game. Students should use 24 cards, meaning there are 12 equations they need to show. Only four bases may be used so that the player can find the matching pairs based purely on the bases. All four index laws should be used in creating the cards, and each pair should involve working with either algebraic indices.
Assessment options : Photograph of the cards
Teacher notes : Get the students to play each otherโ€™s games for practice.