Semester 1 Topic 1 Level H

Task Name : Square Roots Task Level : H (Year 7)
Semester : 1 Topic : Multiples and Indices VC Strand : Number and Place Value
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Equipment Needed : Paper large enough to draw number lines on from 0 to 100
Victorian Curriculum outcome : Investigate and use square roots of perfect square numbers
Task description : Students use their knowledge of perfect square numbers to estimate the square root of six numbers between 20 and 100 using a number line. Students should explain their reasoning for each number.
Assessment options : Photograph of number line, screencast.
Teacher notes : This is a rather dry task – spice it up by showing part of the “Mathemagics” video, emphasising how the human brain can do things calculators can’t. Challenge students to get as close to the calculator value as possible. There are some nice student screencasts from Rob’s time at Castlemaine North – could be useful to show students what a good explanation looks like, as well as an example of a screencast as a performance of understanding.