Semester 1 Topic 1 Level G

Task Name : Indices Poster Task Level : G (Grade 6)
Semester : 1 Topic : Multiples and Indices VC Strand : Number and Place Value
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Equipment Needed : Poster paper
Victorian Curriculum outcome : Investigate index notation and represent whole numbers as products of powers of prime numbers
Task description : Students choose a number between 4 and 9. Students represent this number to the first, second, third, fourth and fifth power using arrays, product form and index form.
Assessment options : Poster, digital image
Teacher notes : If students do this manually, it can become quite tedious. If they insist on the manual form, encourage them to choose a smaller base. Students can often become confused with the idea of “five groups of five groups of five”. Get them to use colours or boxes to show the individual groups. This task does not match the Victorian Curriculum outcomes for level G precisely – it is included to support students who need to build their understanding around indices before using them in other contexts.