Semester 1 Topic 1 Level F

Task Name : Black Bean Maths Task Level : F (Grade 5)
Semester : 1 Topic : Multiples and Indices VC Strand : Number and Place Value
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Equipment Needed : Counters, poster paper
Victorian Curriculum outcome : Solve problems involving multiplication of large numbersย  by one- or two-digit numbers using efficient mental, written strategies and appropriate digital technologies
Task description : Students show how to break up multiplication problems into two or more parts, calculating each separate part, and adding the parts together. The splits should involve numbers that are easy to deal with, i.e. multiples of 10. Students should take three multiplication problems: one where the two numbers are less than ten; one where one number is less than ten and one that is greater than ten, and one where both numbers are greater than ten.
Assessment options : Poster, model, digital image
Teacher notes :