Semester 1 Topic 1 Level E

Task Name : Tangled Tables Task Level : E (Grade 4)
Semester : 1 Topic : Multiples and Indices VC Strand : Number and Place Value
Web Address :
Equipment Needed : Tangled Tables Sheets, available on the webpage above
Victorian Curriculum outcome : Recall multiplication facts up to 10 x 10 and related division facts
Task description : Students have a sheet with a 10ร—10 grid. The numbers 1-10 are mixed up along the top of the columns and again along the beginnings of the rows. Students fill in the multiplication sum that corresponds to the product of the two numbers that correspond to that spaceโ€™s row and column. Students at that level should be able to complete the sheet in 8 minutes, which corresponds to just under 5 seconds per problem.
Key questions: What are some strategies to complete the grid more quickly?
Opportunities for student voice: Students share their strategies and reflect on improvements.
Assessment options : Photograph of completed sheet.
Teacher notes : Students should be able to complete 1s, 2s, 5s and 10s. Encourage students by showing them that if you only know these, you can achieve a score of 64 out of 100. When working with these students, you will need to teach them strategies to recall the other tables. Encourage strategies to enable the students to achieve the highest score possible โ€“ these are shown in the video.


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