Number 4.0

Place value

Choose six decimals (two with 3 decimal places, two with 2 decimal places, and two with 1 decimal place). Two of them also need to be negative numbers. Order them, label them with their place value and represent them using decimal squares. Explain how you ordered the decimals in a poster, a glog, or as I have done here, a Photostory.


Try this puzzle (available in our classroom) that requires you to sort numbers based on their properties. It is a difficult puzzle! Create text, audio or video that explains how you sorted these numbers.

When you are done, you will have ten groups, nine of which will have common multiples (why only nine, do you think?). From each group, pick two numbers that have a highest common multiple that isn’t one of the two numbers you’ve picked. Show how you found the highest common multiple for each of the pair.

Arrays and Square Numbers

Decimals, Ratios, percentages, fractions

Use the ratios 9:12, 2:6, 4:6, 3:12 and 2:4 to construct a ratio story like the one below…

Decimals and Fractions